Little Reynoldston Farm, Reynoldston SA3 1AD

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  • Welsh Coffee Company
  • We’re coffee roasters who began with a simple desire for better coffee!

    Our small batch coffees are dragon-roasted by the sea, and freshly made to order.

    We use top grade coffee beans, grown by small hill farmers on lush tropical mountainsides. The coffee shrubs nestle under native forest canopy where the cherries slowly ripen to a deep red colour. The ripest coffee cherries are picked by hand, and their beans extracted ready for shipping. From Central and South America these sacks of beans then journey to our Welsh roastery by the sea.

    With the help of our dragon-like drum roaster we take these raw green beans and carefully roast them. In this crucible of fire and heat, the dormant beans come to life, releasing complex aromatic flavours. As coffee roasters we want to do justice to the beans’ potential.

    The beans we buy have been sourced direct from the farm, using a fairer trading model built on ongoing relationships with the farmers. And as we spill open sacks of beans, ready for roasting, we’re mindful of the global connections forged by this black gold. From the farmers tending and picking the crop on tropical hillsides, via us as coffee roasters, to finally reach the cups and mugs of coffee lovers in Wales and across the UK.

    Through the taste of our single origin coffee, or by powering you up for your own adventures, we hope our fragrant roasts take you somewhere special today.

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  • sales@welshcoffee.com
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