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  • We Are Here Coffee
  • well, we got 12 GCSE's A-C (mainly C's but if you put a hyphen in between A and C no one really knows shh). we're good at working on our own AND in a team,

    our biggest weakness is PERFECTION and yes, we agree, jaffa cakes AREN'T biscuits.

    to state the obvious WE LOVE COFFEE, like loads. but we're bored with all the doo-dars and chit-chat that comes with it.

    yes you like coffee but you don't need to bang on about it. why over complicate a drink that you make when your sleepy? it makes no sense.

    our 3 coffees that are made to taste really nice for how you like to make them; no ridiculous choices, no silly words.

    to try and make this world a little bit better, we promise to give 10p from every bag sold to the marvellous charity 'Missing People'.

    p.s. we used to have a coffee cart called fred but he got stolen by some not very nice humans, so we've buried him here, RIP little guy:

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