Cl. 19a Sur #52, Pitalito, Huila, Colombia

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  • Colombia
  • Vae Soli Speciality Coffee
  • We are very proud that the coffee from the department of Huila is internationally recognized with Denomination of Origin, this means that it has unique and very special characteristics.

    ​Pitalito, Huila, has consistently produced coffee, becoming not only the municipality with the highest yield of coffee produced per cultivated area in Colombia; but, year after year, improving the quality and grade also.

    Our producers are recognised worldwide and always successfully participate in the annual competition of the Cup of Excellence, where they have obtained many awards and recognitions that drive them to move forward, not only in respect of quality but also as a means for them to implement new and better methods of cultivation. Helping to protect the environment and take care of the endearing natural beauty of the valley, where the town of Pitalito is located, the heart of the Colombian Massif.

    We are a family with deep roots in Pitalito that go back more than five generations. A family that grew up surrounded by the aroma of fresh coffee intertwined with the traditions and culture of the beautiful Valley of Laboyos. We are passionate that the quality of our coffee is unique, and we want to share this with the world.

    So, wherever you are, come and join in with a cup of coffee, "tómate un tinto" with us, and let the flavours and aromas take you on a trip to the most beautiful valleys of the Colombian Massif.

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