Langtons Meadow, Farnham Common, Slough, Buckinghamshire SL2 3NS, UK

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  • Roast Lab Coffee Roasters
  • Who We Are

    We’re a small family business start-up, who wish to share our passion and knowledge of coffee roasting to give you the best experience tasting freshly roasted speciality coffee.

    Our Mission

    We’re passionate about doing it right! From sourcing the best quality green beans to methodical roasting techniques, we're committed to providing you with the best possible coffee tasting experience when using our precision roasted coffees.


    Our 'Novoroaster' is the reason we are called Roast Lab Coffee Roasters. Magnificent German engineering embodying our roasting principles: Methodical, Precision and Consistency; batch after batch.

    The 'Novoroaster' is a 'fluid-bed' or 'hot-air' roaster. This type of roasting produces a very 'clean' bean as opposed to drum roasting which is very smoky due to the oils released during each roast continually burning on the drum. We believe 'fluid-bed' roasting to be a healthier roasting method.

    We can roast a maximum of 2kg of speciality green coffee beans per batch. A small batch size guarantees consistent inner-bean development and better quality control.

    Roast profiles are developed for each 'origin' based on density, moisture content and varietal characteristics. The roast profiles are programmed for repeatable batch roasting that is precise and consistent, batch after batch.

  • 07548 895358 / 07548 895 358
  • info@roastlab.coffee
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