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  • Redemption Roasters
  • We already know that prisoners are 50% more likely to reoffend if they leave prison without skills and a job. And we definitely know that in specialty coffee people need exceptional skills.

    Enter Redemption Roasters. We were approached by the Ministry of Justice to help address the state of reoffending by running our roastery and barista training centre at Aylesbury Prison

    The programme there proved so popular that we have now established coffee academies in prisons throughout the UK, where we teach inmates competition-level barista skills. Upon release, we also help our Graduates find work, either by employing them directly or connecting them with opportunities in the wider industry.

    Just as the sourcing of our coffee is ethical, we want to show that specialty coffee can have a social impact at every level. The result is a finely crafted cup of coffee that raises the bar for everyone

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