Unit 5c, Racecourse business park, Ballybrit, Galway, Ireland

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  • Red Eye Coffee Roasters
  • Red Eye Coffee Roasters, bringing high quality hand roasted coffee to Ireland and beyond. Artisan Roasters and Cafè based in Galway on the West Coast.

    Our Concept
    There are very good reasons to drink coffee, like fine wine the taste, texture and smell of freshly roasted coffee can take you on a journey that tantalises the taste buds and stimulates your senses.

    Every Red Eye single origin coffee has its own personality and can transform
    your day with a single sip.

    Making flavoursome coffee is easy for us as we love what we do.
    Day in, day out we strive to make every cup of our coffee that you drink a memorable one. Roasting is our love, Coffee is our passion…

    Our Story

    Red Eye Coffee Roasters was born from the desire of a group of like-minded coffee aficionados who had a dream to take the laid back west coast of Ireland flavour, colour and vision found in so many local culinary establishments and foodstuffs, and apply the very same to roasting coffee. Coffee so good the smell would permeate the west coast and beyond!!

    With the help of friends, family and the local community they obtained a shell of a building, a Probat roaster and made their dream a reality. Red Eye Coffee Roasters was born!!

  • +353 91 766 731
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