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  • Noni's Coffee
  • Noni’s Coffee Roasters has been brewing for many years.  I was in the beautiful Alps when I was given a cup of coffee that changed my life. It wasn’t the light but dynamic taste alone that ignited my passion, it was the story behind it. I had just completed research on the journey of the cocoa bean as part of my Anthropology degree, so I was gripped by the coffee farmer’s story, the origin of the beans and the journey to producing  exquisite tasting coffee. I wanted to understand more about the origins of our food and drinks. Working around the clock juggling a   waitressing   job and interning at food justice related organisations strengthened my determination to develop ways of working that contribute and champion   fairer food systems. Over the years I continued expanding my knowledge and skills in coffee farming and production working with coffee roasters including Caravan Coffee Roasters; in the centre of London.

    I am now realising my dream, opening my own coffee roastery which, as well as selling amazing coffee will adhere to ethical standards that I feel are critical to enable us all to share in creating a fairer and better sustained industry for our future generations. And remember, who can live without a good cup of coffee!

    My Pledge to you, the customer:

    • You will know who has grown your coffee.

    • I will develop long term relationships with small farmers worldwide to help them to grow.

    • I aim to be a Community Interest Company within 2 years of trading, using profits for my own research to contribute to a more sustainable industry.

    • I want every cup of Noni’s coffee drunk, to be as satisfying in flavour as it is for every person in the supply chain that it got there.

  • 07816 774067
  • beans@noniscoffeeroasters.co.uk
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