13 Settlers Fields, Kettering NN15 6GP, England, United Kingdom

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  • No.13 Coffee Roasters
  • My roots with coffee started very early having been virtually weaned on the stuff since a baby, that’s the price you pay for having Italian blood. My husband’s introduction to good tasting coffee was his extensive travels across the world including Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand his sisters live there

    We understood the power coffee possessed, not just the wonderful taste but also the social aspect of bringing people together to actually have conversations; I know it’s not such a strange concept

    Tim and I realised it was not that easy to buy coffee that was actually freshly roasted and did not have an expiry date of a year plus

    We purchased a One-kilo roaster and set about sourcing small batches of green beans, with our passion to learn we started to make friends with small artisan roasters who shared our views that something had to change. We visited some coffee growing regions to really learn the ethos of how and where coffee was grown and the intricate process it goes through before being cupped and sent all over the world for us to be lucky enough to buy it

    We spent quite a few years roasting, sampling meeting a whole host of people in the coffee trade until we felt the time was right for us to set up No 13.

    We purchased a Five-kilo roaster, picked up our specialty sourced green beans and were ready to start.

    Our main priority was to be environmentally friendly, our packaging to look totally different and to roast the best tasting cup of coffee you could drink.

    We would love you to try our coffee and who knows one day we might be able to meet when we are out in the horsebox

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