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  • Lost Horizon Coffee
  • Lost Horizon Coffee is a micro-batch, specialty roastery based in Bristol.

    The Name

    Named after a century-old book depicting ‘Shangri-la’ (a utopian land where people live long, contented lives eating stimulating berries), Lost Horizon was founded in an attempt to make utopian fantasy a liquid reality.

    The Beans

    Chosen on the conditions the farmers are treated fairly, each batch creates a more sustainable living for growers. This allows developing communities to raise the quality of produce every year. It’s a win-win situation.

    The Environment

    We offset the carbon produced (from farm to cup) twice. This means we give back double the resources used, including boiling your kettle to brew it. Working with our partners Reforestum, trees are planted in their forest, Genesis, in Spain.

    The Packaging

    Our packaging is a mixture of recyclable and biodegradable materials, delivered in a letterbox friendly design.

    The Founder

    Lost Horizon’s founder, Kit, fell in love with roasting coffee whilst working as an engineer many moons ago. Since then, his passion and desire to create fantastic coffee hasn’t wavered.

    Motivated by sustainable living (and caffeine), he particularly enjoys tinkering with machinery, staring at roast graphs, and drinking lots of coffee.

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