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  • Hillside Coffee
  • Speciality Coffee Roaster Based in East Sussex.

    Fully Traceable Coffee

    We want to make sure you know what you’re drinking, so we only buy speciality grade coffee beans that we can trace back to the individual farms or cooperatives they were grown on. We work exclusively with importers that we trust to look after their end of the supply chain.

    In the speciality coffee industry, producers seldom get the credit they deserve. By following the supply chain all the way back to the producers, we can ensure that they are getting a fair price for the coffee that they work so hard to grow. Across all of our coffees we will always tell you the farms that they were grown on and the producers name where possible.

    Freshly Roasted and Delivered to Your Door

    We roast all our coffees on our Giesen W6 to bring out all of the unique flavours that each coffee has to offer.

    We keep a small stock of coffee and top up by roasting to order when we run out. This means that we can lower our environmental impact by making sure that we don’t waste energy heating up our roaster when we don’t need to!

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