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  • Hayman Coffee
  • Hayman Coffee was born in 2014 in London, UK, with the aim of bringing you the finest world coffee, including such coffee legends as Jamaica Blue Mountain, Hawaii Kona, Panama Geisha and Cup of Excellence® award-winning brazilian coffee.


    Hayman is a well-known and very successful supporter of the Third Wave of Coffee, a term coined in 2002 to define a global movement to produce high-quality coffee, which considers coffee an artisanal product, like wine, rather than a commodity. This involves improvements at all stages of production, from coffee plant growing, harvesting, and processing, to stronger relationships between coffee growers, traders, and roasters, to higher quality and fresh roasting, sometimes called "micro-roasting".

    The Third Wave Coffee movement aspires to the highest form of culinary appreciation of coffee, so that one may appreciate its subtleties of flavour, aroma, varietal, and growing region.

    Hayman Coffee's founders first met due to their passion for rare and exotic coffee. After accumulating many years of hands on experience in the coffee sector and spending thousands of hours studying all coffee-related disciplines, they decided to get together in order to bring you something truly new and unique in the coffee world – the very best coffees, freshly roasted for you.

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