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  • Faith In Coffee
  • Our mission is to spread the knowledge of coffee to people reducing the waste of material non-recyclable, to be the more sustainable as possibile keeping the high quality of the beans.



    The name faith in coffee was created by Federica Federico in 2018. Her passion for coffee took her to colombia and to costa rica to touch with hand the coffee process and understand what’s behind that cup of coffee.

    In 2014 she started the journey with the SCA which made of her a skilled, coffee expert and then an Authorised SCA Trainer. After 10 years of experience as a barista in her family’s cafe in Rome she moved to London to increase her knowledge and work with specialty coffees as a barista first and then as a coffee roaster and trainer.

    “If we wonder why there is still people drinking bad coffee the answer is the education”

    In 2021 she founded the company Faith in coffee to base the concept on education and high quality products.

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