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  • Cuppers Choice Coffee Roasters
  • Here at Cuppers Choice, we do not want to just be another coffee roasters. The world has enough of those. We want to stand out for all the right reasons.

    This has to start with re-thinking the way we buy coffee throughout the supply chain. We want you to have the opportunity to drink the world’s best coffees, which means we have to get those beans to your local coffee shop, and those baristas have to understand what they have been given, and what it took to get them there.

    This is not a guilt trip. We’re not telling you off. It’s simply an education in the importance of every last human who got that gorgeous beverage into your cup.

    Before the barista gets those beans, we have to buy them and roast them. We have made it our absolute-no-compromises mission to buy those beans ethically, either directly from the farmers in producing countries, or if necessary, from green bean importers whom have proven to have the same ethos as us. We want to ensure that farmers gets as much money from the buying process as they can, which reduces poverty, and ultimately produces more consistent and experimental coffee in the long run.

    In the specialty coffee industry, we are asking so much of these farms - we want arabica (which is harder and more expensive to grow than Robusta), we want interesting processing (without the consideration of profit margin and weather dependency), and we want high grade consistency. All of these factors are what make speciality coffee so damn tasty, but these farms must see reward for their work. They are the beginning of this whole process, they are the masterminds and the labourers. They are human beings whose talent and dedication gets us our cup of joe. The more we support these producers and build close relationships with them, the better your future coffee can be, and the more the whole supply chain can enjoy the success.

    Every coffee we put on the shelf will be a product of these relationships, and you will be a part of that too. It will taste incredible, and you can feel proud while drinking it.

    Cuppers Choice is made up of a team of industry professionals who simply love the world of coffee. With around ten years experience each, they have all worked in as many parts of the industry as possible. It is so important to keep our fingers on the pulse and see what the customers wishes are, so we all still work as baristas, we own coffee shops, we write for magazines and journals, we fund raise, we enter (and sometimes win!) coffee competitions, we study agriculture, botany, anthropology, design, we obsess over getting it perfect - for everyone. And do you know what? We bloody love it. We’re lucky. And now you get to be lucky too.

    The Cuppers x

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