Roxby Grange, North Street, Roxby, Scunthorpe DN15 0BN, UK

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    Yorkshire-born coffee snobs & cousins, we’re a complete pair of Coffee Wanchors who fecking love coffee. But only the best coffee. And it has to be executed well. Literally one of the most heinous crimes is when somebody serves a premium roast from a bab coffee machine. No need. Obsessed with our espresso machines & forever Googling ‘best coffee near me’, we’re constantly hunting for the best coffee. Espresso, cappuccino, latte or mocha…whatever flicks your bean.

    Combining our passions for good coffee & our planet in 2019 – with our highly immature sense of humour – out popped Coffee Wanchors, brewed with a latte love over many a sWANKY coffee. Some may be offended, but they’re clearly not our kinda people so….they just need to go FU COFFee


    Melissa: Wanderlust & hungry, I’m usually found roaming around some obscure corner of the earth with my other half, knee-deep in adventure & hunting for food & coffee. With a rucksack on my back or tootling around in my camper, I invariably follow my nose. And the surf. A complete & utter greedy bastard (& founder of @greedy_globetrotters) I scoff & sip my way around this wonderful world in search of the tastiest food & the finest coffee. And I’ve found it!

    Jodie: Now a fully-fledged country wanchor, I can usually be found collecting fresh eggs from Rizzo, B Dogg & Betsy (my Burford hens), & admiring my prize lettuce (yes, I actually said that). I’m loving living the good life & also in the midst of renovating my Victorian farmhouse with my beloved. An absolute beast in the gym & former NABBA competitor, I’m an exercise machine & enjoy nothing more than escaping on my bike, once making it all the way to Paris for the Alzheimer’s Society. #sorearse

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