9 The Murrough, Corporation Land (1st Division), Wicklow, County Wicklow, Ireland

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  • Coffee Mojo
  • Coffee Mojo is a small-batch artisan roastery focused on coffees from single farms, estates and cooperatives. Single origin coffee offers the coffee drinker an opportunity to take in the unique aromas and flavours of particular regions of a given country and experience how these aromas and flavours change with the seasons.

    Our name indicates how we feel about coffee. The word mojo has its origins in Africa which is fitting as its also the source of the coffee shrub. In its original sense, 'mojo' is associated with a magical charm or spell. We believe that good coffee when freshly roasted and correctly brewed is indeed a magical potion.

    The magic of coffee begins on the farm where the coffee plants are cultivated. Much of the flavour profile of coffee is determined by the environment or terroir in which the coffee plant is grown. We pay tribute to the farms where the coffee is grown and the farmers who grow this coffee by featuring the name of the farm and the farmer on all our single origin labels.

    Here at the Mojo roastery we aim to source unique coffees from coffee farms around the world, tell the story behind each farm, and roast these coffees to perfection so that you can enjoy the magic.

    We roast in small batches to preserve the varietal flavours in the coffee. We only roast to order to ensure that you receive the freshest coffee possible. We also constantly taste and evaluate our batches to ensure the quality of each offering.

    We’re on a journey, constantly learning as we go, and we’re glad to have you along.

  • +353 404 66433
  • info@coffeemojo.ie
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