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  • Cannonball Coffee Company
  • Launched in March 2018, Cannonball Coffee came to life because we - Duncan, Rob and Ben - were constantly on the look-out for a coffee that packed a punch, but also tasted great. And when we couldn’t find one, we decided to make one for ourselves.

    We’re equally passionate about how good quality, freshly roasted beans taste and want other people to be able to share this experience at home for themselves. Named as a nod to Duncan’s history in the Royal Artillery, Cannonball Coffee was born out of an obsession with good quality coffee and learning the art of brewing from the back of an armoured vehicle. Once he joined forces with RAF Pilot brother Rob and Ben who runs Beanpress Roasters in neighbouring Dorset, the journey truly began.

    As coffee obsessives, we believe everyone should be able to get that perfect tasting cup of coffee whenever they want it.

    We’re really proud of our unique blend of single-origin beans that create a coffee high in caffeine, and most importantly, tastes amazing. At Cannonball Coffee we take high grade beans and by using a medium roast we can bring out the many complex flavours. The quality of the coffee you get is really important to us, so we only roast in small batches to ensure the beans you get delivered to your door are fresh.

    Our mission is to help others discover that strong coffee can taste great. No more do you have to settle for bad coffee on your commute, in your workplace or when you’re travelling. That’s why – as well as our coffee – we’ve put together a selection of brilliant coffee-making gadgets, complete with easy to understand guides to using them. We want coffee-making to lose its somewhat pretentious reputation by demystifying the process for you while helping you to learn more.

    As well as enjoying coffee for its taste, we firmly believe the caffeine helps us to get things done more efficiently. Coffee can fuel active lifestyles, help you train harder and work better. Our high caffeine coffees make great pre-workout drinks and help you get through those busy days. But don’t worry if high caffeine isn’t your thing, we have a mellower blend too.

    Above all, our goal is to help you enjoy great tasting coffee. Why settle for less?

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