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  • Back in 2019, I woke up early one summer’s morning and popped some fresh coffee beans into the grinder, (I know what you are imagining: that incredible smell of freshly ground coffee right?) I proceeded to make myself a cup of coffee and then ventured out to the back garden. I sat down, took a deep breath, and took my first sip of coffee, whilst taking in the beautiful morning. However, what came next was truly a turning point...

    What came next, I hear you ask?

    Well, as I continued to drink my cup of coffee, I found that I was not completely satisfied or fulfilled. By this point, I’d tried various coffee brands and different types of coffees, so I ran inside to my partner and said out loud, "We should start our own coffee business and make our own delicious coffees!" We both chuckled, however, here we are. Fast forward to 2020 and we have now launched our very own coffee store. What turned out to be a hobby, has now become a full business venture and we could not be any more excited about it!

    We love coffee here at Campbell's Coffees and, true to name, our family roots come from high within the highlands of Scotland.

    We take pride in bringing you the best coffee to suit all tastes.


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