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  • We believe everyone should be able to enjoy quality coffee and this experience should be inclusive and accessible for all. Green coffee freshness is one of the biggest determinants of roasted coffee quality. Like most fruits, coffee tastes best when picked ripe and consumed fresh, which is why we put the harvest date on the front of every bag and bucket leaving our roastery. We want to show people just how special coffee can be, and help make an everyday routine extraordinary.

    Actions speak louder than words, which is why we’re committed to keeping our environmental footprint to a minimum. It’s our responsibility to constantly question the impact of our operations and seek alternatives where necessary. We’ll always do our best to make decisions that benefit both the people and planet we depend on.

    TEAMWORK Seasonal Espresso

    Today, nearly half of coffee production comes from countries predicted to lose more than 60% of land suitable for growing coffee by 2050. As temperatures rise and extreme weather becomes more frequent, coffee farming is becoming increasingly difficult and less profitable for many producers across the globe. World Coffee Research is a non-profit organisation providing farmers with the tools, knowledge, and plants necessary to adapt in a changing climate. Together with our importing partners Caravela, we are donating €1 from every kilogram of TEAMWORK Seasonal Espresso to support their work.

    Learn more here: worldcoffeeresearch.org

    Carbon Neutral Shipping Worldwide

    It's important to remember the majority of carbon emissions contributing to climate change come from countries where coffee is consumed not produced. Coffee roasting is a global community, which is why we offset our shipping emissions through a reforestation project in County Clare, Ireland. We’ve teamed up with Mossy Earth and Hometree to plant one non-invasive native tree for every tonne of carbon emitted.

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