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  • Blue Goose Eco Coffee Capsules
  • As founders of Blue Goose coff­ee, we set out to create the ultimate co­ffee capsule experience without costing the Earth.

    From the premium we pay our growers to the way our coffees are grown and the charities we support, we are putting purpose not profits at the centre of our coffee business.

    We wanted Blue Goose Coffee to be proof that small businesses really are at the heart of creating positive change.

    The Abyssinian Blue-Winged Goose is more than just a logo to us. The threatened species, only living in the Highlands of Ethiopia, is at the heart of everything we have done and everything we will do to prove micro businesses like ours are the driver of change.

    Far from the big corporations, we’re putting people and the planet first, before profits. While these big brands shun green technology and materials, arguing instead in the favour of non-sustainable alternatives, we’re actively embracing green technology, with our capsules and coffees acting as the ultimate proof that it can be done, even if you’re just 2 people like us who want to make a difference!
    Why the
    Blue Goose?
    The Abyssinian Blue-Winged Goose in flight - Image used with permission and (c) Ian Fulton

    Ethiopia is the birthplace of coff­ee. It’s where coff­ee’s story first began and it’s a story we are continuing today, with the Abyssinian Blue-Winged Goose at its heart.

    One of the world’s rarest breeds, its distinctive pale blue forewings and vibrant green plumage catches your eye against the backdrop of grassy meadows, streams and lakes of its threatened Ethiopian Highland habitat. Just look at the photo above by Ian Fulton…beautiful!

    Gregarious and trustworthy, the Blue-Winged Goose is endearing and at one with nature, perfectly embodying our conscious determination to bring you the finest tasting, ethically sourced co­ffees from Ethiopia and around the world.

    Nick and I wanted to match our eco-credentials with the finest capsule coffee experience, so we naturally selected Speciality grade Arabica coffee, for which we pay our smallholder farming cooperatives and growers a premium beyond the Fairtrade Minimum Price.

    Not only does this greater income help our growers build their livelihoods so their families and local communities can thrive into the future, but their amazing speciality coffee allows us all to appreciate just how good capsule coffee should taste, with no aluminium or plastic capsules in sight!

    We pay our smallholder farming cooperatives and growers a premium for our speciality coffee, helping them both earn a living income and build sustainable livelihoods so their families and local communities can thrive into the future.

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