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  • Africup Coffee
  • My name is Lena and I am the founder of Africup Coffee

    I was born in Australia and raised in Britain yet have roots in Africa (Sudan to be exact), where coffee is a vital economic resource that brings communities together and enables them to prosper. 

    Without coffee, these communities would not be able to provide for their families. I was always aware of this throughout my upbringing, as voiced by my parents and experienced during trips to Africa, and am honoured to now represent my roots through Africup

    Africup is not and will never be focused on profit margins. It is dedicated to bringing maximum awareness and support to Africa's hard-working farmers who make our enjoyment of coffee possible.

    I am sure that you, just like myself, understand and often experience the vital role that coffee plays in bringing together families, friends and neighbours – as well as complete strangers. It binds societies as much as it aids productivity, and is a cornerstone of community. 

    I thrive off the dedication and passion of the coffee community and truly believe that, by bringing the amazing flavours of African coffee to enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike, we can help rebalance this massive industry and celebrate those at its source.

    Changing Lives through Coffee 

    Sadly, many industry players are focused on nothing but profitability. Africup, along with many other ethical coffee brands, are doing all we can to reduce the impact of commercialised coffee on those at its source.

    With Africup, I pledge to celebrate the origins of African coffee and recognise the incredible work that goes into bringing these beans to you.

    Wherever possible, Africup sales go towards improving the lives of Africa’s coffee farmers and facilitating the supply of clean drinking water and sanitation in coffee-growing communities. These are the people who dedicate their livelihoods to growing brilliant coffee, and should be recognised for it. They are the most integral members of the coffee industry and it is our duty as coffee drinkers to support them.

    Thank you for supporting Africa’s coffee producers. It means the world to them. I thank you for it and so do they. Changing the world one cup at a time may sound far-fetched, but I truly believe in the power of the coffee-drinking community to make an incredible difference.

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