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  • 39 Steps Coffee
  • A cup of coffee can go down in an instant, even when nursed throughout a morning. But years of preparation, laborious picking of ripe cherries, fermenting, drying, processing, endless cuppings, roasting, experimenting and brewing are behind every one of those fleeting moments. The process captivates us and it is our joy to be a part of every one of those steps.

    We source some of the very best, most sustainable coffees possible and serve them around the world. Be a part of it, follow our journey.

    The beans we roast are also the seeds of the next generation. The healthiest are selected and planted in carefully controlled nursery conditions. When they germinate, the shoots break through the surface, the seed casing dissolves and the seedling puts out its first two primary leaves. These are then moved outside to grow into small coffee plants, but still within protected nursery conditions. Once they reach the right size they are reintroduced to the forest where they will spend the rest of their lives, taking around three years to reach maturity and begin to fruit.

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