What services do Roaster Depot provide?

Roaster depot are a listing marketplace bringing together under one roof: coffee roasters and their beans, coffee events, coffee brewing + accessories. Our primary aim is to promote the wonderful diversity of independent coffee roasters and present their offerings to customers in one centralised marketplace. Many roasting houses and coffee shops simply don’t have the budget to advertise on google, Instagram or facebook which is why we guarantee roasters a free listing for life – no strings.

What makes Roaster Depot different from the rest?

Unlike other listing sites we DON’T support affiliated marketed products or selectively subscribed products.

What does this mean?

Affiliated marketing – The roaster lists their products in a marketplace and purchases made are invoiced to the roaster often minus a large commission slice. The roaster is still responsible for dispatching and returns.

Selectively Subscribed Products – If like many roasters you don’t have the IT budget to implement complex and expensive API’s into your website then you are implicitly precluded from affiliated marketing equality. So, you may be listed on a roaster listing site but your products aren’t given equal precendence to those who can.

Therefore, we believe in the lister having total control over their own destiny and what we mean by that is – You advertise your products with us and the customer purchases through your website. No strings, catches or commission!   

You have total control over your content, whether it be prices, images, description or indeed when to end your listings.

Does Roaster Depot sell its own coffee?

No we don’t, we represent the wonderful miriad of roasters, providing them complete control over not only their business listing but their product listings too.

Are ethics and sustainability important to Roaster Depot?


Of course, however we are not here to judge independent roasters who cannot necessarily afford the premium prices that come with Rainforest Alliance and Fair trade beans. We, like everyone else prefer our coffee to be ethically sourced with environmental, social equality, sustainability and geo political considerations taken into account. We don’t live in a perfect world but we will strive to ensure that our roasters make tangible efforts to make ethical choices where and whenever possible.

Can I promote my products or business?


Yes, if you wish to promote your business listing or product you can take advantage of our one off promotional packages under your account > ‘My Listings‘. Your listing will be given a higher elevation in our listing feeds and exploration pages ensuring the customer notices you!

You can also promote your products with our premium listings package, your products will be given an elevated listing place in our listing feeds and exploration pages

Can I claim a listing which doesn’t belong to me?


No – All claims are assessed by one of our administrators and if we believe it to be a disingenuous claim against another businesses listing then will reject the claim or ask for corroborating evidence like your company number or other proof’s of identity. We may from time to time cross check your details with Companies House.


If you believe that your listing has be disingenuously claimed then we will endeavour to return the listing to you, the rightful owner in a timely and respectful manner.

Can anyone submit a listing?


Yes – If you are a genuine business or event organiser then you are more than welcome to submit your listing once one of our administrators has assessed your submission.

Do I need to pay to delist my company or product listings?


No – You are welcome to delist your listings at your discretion, no quibbles.

Have you listed my company without my permission?

We only prelist companies who have freely available information in the public domain. We do not go beyond what is considered to be basic and fair due diligence. From time to time, we may make an error in these submissions, however, once the listing is claimed by its rightful owner they can amend any of the details themselves.

How do I associate a product listing to roaster listing?

If you are a coffee roaster and you wish to list your coffee beans too, use the same account you used to claim/list your business. When you submit your product listing ensure you select the related listing field and select your roastery. This will be represented as a ‘related listing’ under your preview card.