We’ve been obsessed with coffee for many, many years. Ever since we had our first instant spill on our Mother’s bamboo coasters and the daily habitual pour of Mellow Birds in the family kitchen.
Of course, in later years we went all fancy with the likes of ‘Carte Noire’ and ‘Douwe Egberts’…then the US coffee scene exploded over here and the high street was never the same.
A seismic shift to artisan roasted coffee has occurred over the last few years.
The fourth wave had arrived. It’s now a bit easier to find decent coffee these days than it was in the past.
We have friends in the industry so have the opportunity to visit roasters and sample new coffee. It’s clear that the industry is evolving rapidly. There’s a vast array of coffee out there now and an increasing expertise in the field. Not only that but the equipment and paraphernalia now used in the industry is growing as are the coffee shops in towns and cities across the UK & Ireland.

We’ve come to realise there isn’t a dedicated online marketplace for finding the amazing range of coffees roasted here, which is why we’ve created Roaster Depot. Our aim is for us to be the first port of call for anyone wanting to find the wealth of diverse coffees roasted across the UK & Ireland. Whether it’s finding coffees local to you or further afield, we want to be the No.1 listing bible in the UK, Ireland and (eventually) beyond.

We are striving to bring the best of the UK & Ireland’s roasters together under one roof, making the process far easier for you our customers. We also want this to be a helpful platform for all the independent coffee roasters, equipment manufacturers and suppliers and merchandise sellers.