Roaster Depot’s primary aim is to bridge the divide between the consumer and the world of coffee (be it roasters or equipment sellers) bringing like-minded coffee lovers together, under one roof. One aim is to list every independent UK & Irish coffee roaster for your convenience.

Speaking to coffee Roasters, one issue which keeps arising are their struggles to reach new customers.

Facebook, Google & Instagram advertising can be a costly affair, so with Roaster Depot’s no frills simplicity, you can extend your reach by listing your business and products with us, safe in the knowledge that you will be gaining a wider exposure and connecting with new customers.

Unlike other directory sites, we DON’T sell products or push selective subscription services or offer affiliated marketing. The roaster is always in control of their listings and which products are displayed and when.

All purchases are made through the roaster’s own website. We WON’T take a commission slice off the back of your hard work!